The Loft

Bluestone Wedding Loft Dinner Event

The balcony portion of the Bluestone, which overlooks the Sanctuary, is known as The Loft. The spectacular in-the-round view from the Loft not only allows guests the chance to see all the action below, but also lends an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere to the open space. Surrounded by the original 115 year old stained glass windows and complemented by two bars, it is a lovely dining room, perfect for dinner events or additional seating for Sanctuary parties.

This upper level of the church is often used in conjunction with the main Sanctuary floor below, but is also used independently as its own exclusive space. For weddings and catered events, buffet tables are set in the Loft, in addition to the Sanctuary, to ensure that no guests are maneuvering the stairs with plates in hand. In addition, the entire building is handicap accessible, with an elevator allowing access to this top floor.


  • Overlooking views of the Sanctuary

  • Two full bars

  • Two LCD televisions

  • Variety of seating capacities and arrangements

  • Audio visual capabilities

Check out the floor plan for the Loft and contact one of our event coordinators to find out just how flexible seating arrangements in our rooms are. At the Bluestone, we work hard to customize each room for your special event, so the room feels like it’s truly yours.

Need more information? Contact our Events Coordinator to find out if the Loft is the perfect room for your event.